Unity Development Lab

Team Introduction


We are pleased to introduce the Unity 3D development specialist team established within Vitalify Asia Co.,Ltd.

Our team excels in developing XR (AR/VR apps) and metaverse applications, capable of creating 3D applications for a variety of platforms including Mobile/Web, Meta Quest 3, and Apple Vision Pro.

We offer specialized development services to support the growth of your business. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation and estimation.

Vitalify Asia内に設立されたUnity 3D開発専門チームをご紹介いたします。当チームは、XR(AR/VRアプリ)およびメタバースアプリケーションの開発を得意としており、Mobile/Web、Meta Quest 3、Apple Vision Proを含む多様なプラットフォームに対応した3Dアプリケーションの開発が可能です。御社のビジネス成長を支援するための専門的な開発サービスを提供します。どうぞお気軽にお見積りご相談ください。



GOGH LAND - R.K Studio [Outsourcing JP]

GOGH LAND is revolutionizing artistry with metaverse. 

forging an immersive and unprecedented artistic experience.

Users can customize avatars and freely control unique characters within the virtual space in GOGH LAND.

The key feature of this app is the performance function, which allows users to easily create own productions by adding music and effects. 


 Our Roles  System architecture design, Frontend and Backend Development, and 3D Graphics and Animation

 Platforms  Mobile (iOS/Android)

Joggle - Fitness [In-house PJ]

Joggle is a new 3D open-world game that you control through on-the-spot jogging.

No preparation needed – exercise while enjoying the game in your spare time and develop a healthy habit! 

Your body is the controller. Enjoy a new metaverse experience where the app captures your movements to control the character.


 Our Roles  Planning and UI/UX Design, Frontend and Backend Development, and 3D Graphics and Animation

 Platforms  Mobile (iOS/Android)

Weather Map App [Outsourcing PJ]

Weather Map App is expresses various weather conditions such as rain and clouds in 3D in an easy-to-understand manner for air traffic control.

Navigate through the complex layers of cloud formations, precipitation, wind patterns, and more, all presented beautifully and intuitively.

Seamlessly unifying advanced technology and meteorological data, it presents real-time weather information with massive rendering capabilities.

Weather Map Appは、航空管制向けに雨や雲などのさまざまな気象状況を3Dで表現するアプリです。複雑に絡み合った雲の形成、降水量、風のパターンなどを美しく、直感的にナビゲートします。先端技術と気象データがシームレスに統合され、リアルタイムの気象情報を大量描画できる形で提供します。

 Our Roles  Frontend Development, and 3D Graphics and Animation

 Platforms  Tablet (iOS)

HotDog TD [In-house PJ]

HotDogTD is an awesome Tower Defense game that you need to protect the world from Alien's invasion.

You can strengthen your allies with coins acquired during the game. How would you strengthen your allies?

This enjoyable and stimulating game from our development team truly tests your strategic thinking.

HotDogTD はエイリアンの侵略から世界を守る素晴らしいタワーディフェンス ゲームです。ゲーム中に獲得したコインを使って味方を強化することができます。どうやって味方を強化しますか?私たちの開発チームが贈るこの愉快で刺激的なゲームで、あなたの戦略的思考を鍛えてみませんか?

 Our Roles  Planning and UI/UX Design, Frontend Development, and 3D Graphics and Animation

 Platforms  Mobile (iOS/Android), PC (Steam), Web Game (CrazyGames)

Game Design

Other game designs developed by our company are introduced on this page.


The platforms we are currently focusing on


Mobile Phone


Meta Quest 3

Apple Vision Pro



Naked Eye 3D LED Display


Key Technologies for 3D Apps Development


Frontend, and Native Apps

Backend, Infrastructures, and others 

Check our Technical Standards here



We have published an article about new technology researched by the Unity development team.


Process Before Placing an Order


1. Meeting / ヒアリング

Confirmation of development content, role allocation, and process





2. Proposal / 提案

Our proposal regarding structure and costs





3. Start / 開発開始

Contract Signing and Commencement of Development





Contact Us


Our team is proficient in the latest technological trends and has the capability to cater to a wide range of platforms.

We offer customized solutions tailored to various devices, including AR/VR technology, metaverse development, mobile and web applications, as well as the latest gaming consoles and wearable devices. 

Keeping our skills updated with the evolving technology, we aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Please feel free to contact us.

弊社チームは、最新の技術トレンドに精通し、幅広いプラットフォームへの対応能力を有しています。 私たちは、AR/VR技術、メタバース開発、モバイルとウェブアプリケーション、そして最新のゲーム機やウェアラブルデバイスなど、様々なデバイスに適したカスタマイズされたソリューションを提供することが可能です。技術の進化に合わせて常にスキルを更新し、お客様の多様なニーズに応えることを目指しています。 お気軽にお問い合わせください
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