Unity/3D Development

Team introduction


At the UDL (Unity Development Lab),

We mainly outsource game and application development.

We also plan and develop our own games.

UDL(Unity Development Lab) では、



Introducing our team


Unity is a game and application development engine that supports various platforms.

We use Unity to develop apps and games.

Our development is centered around product growth and delivering value to our users. With this in mind, from business analysis to product launch to requirements definition and implementation, quality assurance and performance improvement are always a priority. In addition, for continuous product growth after release, we have introduced various measures to increase efficiency while responding quickly and flexibly to market needs and user feedback.

Unity は、さまざまなプラットフォームをサポートするゲームおよびアプリケーション開発エンジンです。

Unity を使用してアプリやゲームを開発しています。


An introduction video of the development team is available on Youtube!


Development results


We would like to introduce our development achievements.



Metaverse app development

Since the development team can comprehensively support the resources necessary for the development of the Metaverse, we can provide an extremely efficient development system.

Project members are PM, BPM, Unity engineer, backend engineer, 2D/3D designer, 3D director.

Currently in the development stage, various functions are under development for release.




[Technology used]/[ 使用技術 ]

Unity, AWS, Photon Fusion

Hyper casual game development


We develop many game titles in various genres.

We have built a system that allows us to release each title as quickly as possible, in a short period of 3 to 4 weeks on average.

We can handle a wide range of genres such as puzzles, racing, action, and FPS.



[Technology used]/[ 使用技術 ]

Unity, Blender

AR/VR application development

AR/VR アプリ開発

We have developed an application that simulates construction plans at construction sites using AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology.

Participated in PoC development before becoming a production version.

We expect this field to continue to grow in the future.




[Technology used]/[ 使用技術 ]

Unity, AR Foundation, Azure

HoloLens2 MR app development

HoloLens2 MR アプリ開発

Load 3D data (3D coordinate data) from Azure server and display 3D model on HoloLens2 device.

This system is useful for rapid support activities in the event of a disaster. Assisted in product development prototype development.

Azure サーバーから 3D データ (3D 座標データ) を読み込み、HoloLens2 デバイスに 3D モデルを表示します。


[Technology used]/[ 使用技術 ]

Unity, HoloLens2, PostgreSQL, Azure

Other game designs developed by our company are introduced on this page.


We are an offshore development company based in Vietnam.

I specialize in game development, AR/VR application development, 2D illustration production, and 3D modeling.

We can develop applications in a wide range of fields other than the above, so please feel free to contact us.




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