GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. It acts as an intelligent assistant for developers, providing real-time code suggestions and completions directly within your Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

In our last article, we introduced the exciting features of our platform’s meeting room and character customization. Today, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our web experience: The WebXR World. Let’s dive into this immersive new feature and explore what it has to offer!

Introducing the latest Virtual Office update! Explore the new Rooms feature, allowing users to create or join rooms with unique IDs for private meetings and multiple discussions. Also, enjoy character customization for your robot avatar, along with improvements like full Japanese support, fixed character overlap issues, a mobile warning box, and seamless view toggling. Experience a more immersive and streamlined collaborative environment!

Recently, we created a room where people can interact and call each other. However, to transform it into a fully functional virtual office, we need to implement a function to share and record the screen. This enhancement will greatly enrich online meetings, making them more comprehensive and enjoyable for all participants.

In this article, we'll explain how we added these features and how they work in detail.

Are you tired of paperwork and complicated workflows?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could register over time, paid holidays, temporary leave from your mobile devices? NikoNiko is a solution to resolve these problems. 

Nowadays, we have many chats and video call applications. This application is a part of your life and you can not live without it. A billion messages, pictures, and video calls are made daily. The data was transferred around the world. This application was provided by 3rd party to help you and your friend, client, or co-worker… communicate.

Podman is an open source container, pod, and container image management engine. It was first released in 2017 by Red Hat and has since become a popular alternative to Docker.

Are you stuck in situations where the developers are not able to achieve their performance in implementing the tasks, goals and targets. Are you stuck in situations where the managers have to collect the information from project managers, project leaders and members for appraisal. Today, I would like to introduce the “Developer Performance Monitoring” system.

Dive into the realm of multiplayer 3D web spaces with our team's exploration using ThreeJS. By incorporating Socket.IO for real-time data and WebRTC for video, we've created a virtual office inspired by our real workspace. Join us as we reshape online connections with meaningful interactions.

Nowadays, as the user base of technology companies continues to grow exponentially, these organizations realize they are managing massive amounts of data, despite being distributed across various sources, containing invaluable insights when combined and analyzed. However, a significant challenge arises from the different formats and suboptimal structures of these data sources, making them less conducive to efficient analysis. To address the need for processing, extracting, and transforming those data appropriately, services such as Azure Data Factory have been raised as one of the key solutions.

Are you tired of spending countless hours writing repetitive code for your APIs? Introducing "Gen Code Tool," a solution developed and utilized by our company, already proven in real-world applications with Japanese businesses. This tool is designed to automate and streamline API development, significantly reducing development processes by 70-90%, thus saving time, costs, and improving quality. It allows developers to focus on innovation rather than coding

The purpose of the article is to describe how to collect and process large stream data in real-time using AWS service. Today we will introduce Amazon Kinesis Data Streams service that can do it easily and effectively with rapid and continuous process, high performance, and durability.

Three.js, where 3D objects dance across your screen with the same bewitching magic as a David Copperfield performance. Known as the "holy grail" of web developers who want to explore the third dimension, Three.js is a powerful JavaScript library that transforms dry lines of code into living landscapes.

In the realm of Kubernetes, handling network traffic to services within the cluster can be done using different types of services such as NodePort, LoadBalancer, and Ingress. This article provides an overview of Ingress and Ingress Controller concepts, highlighting their role in handling traffic, and briefly compares them to the Service LoadBalancer.

As the microservice trend continues to rise, resulting in increased usage of containers, the demand for efficient management of these numerous containers across multiple environments. This is where Kubernetes, often abbreviated as K8s, comes in.

The purpose of the article is to create and host a static website on AWS while fulfilling the configuration of CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment to best security. This article showcases the ability to design a scalable, reliable, and automated web hosting infrastructure on AWS cloud.

If you're a developer working with JavaScript or TypeScript, you're probably familiar with Node.js and the various tools and runtimes associated with it. But have you heard about "Bun"? Bun is an innovative toolkit designed to streamline your development workflow, offering an all-in-one solution for building and running JavaScript and TypeScript applications.

INSERT statement is the one of most common statements used in SQL. But no more developers know how it works and its performance. Almost we use a framework instead of pure code and the framework does it. We just take care of the business logic of the project. 

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) have become the go-to solution for handling user authentication and authorization in web applications. JWT tokens consist of a header, payload, and signature and are encoded using base64 encoding. They are used to securely transmit user information between the client and server..

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) have become the go-to solution for handling user authentication and authorization in web applications. JWT tokens consist of a header, payload, and signature and are encoded using base64 encoding. They are used to securely transmit user information between the client and server..

Introducing a virtual aquarium app that uses next-generation AR technology called VPS (Visual Positioning System). Once the app remembers the location of the aquarium that was set up, it can display the aquarium again in the same position on the next launch.

Introducing the open-world generation technology used in our game Joggle currently in development. By importing map data, a natural open-world can be automatically generated.

Using the currently popular ChatGPT, we have developed a demo app where you can have a conversation with a 3D character. We will introduce the technology used in this application.

Today, we looked back at the development progress of Joggle, the fitness smartphone game that we are currently developing at our company.