VFA Technical Articles 

This page features articles related to technology by Vitalify Asia Co., Ltd. We conduct our own research on technology and hope to share our experiences in incorporating it into applications.

Introducing a virtual aquarium app that uses next-generation AR technology called VPS (Visual Positioning System). Once the app remembers the location of the aquarium that was set up, it can display the aquarium again in the same position on the next launch.

Introducing the open-world generation technology used in our game Joggle currently in development. By importing map data, a natural open-world can be automatically generated.

Using the currently popular ChatGPT, we have developed a demo app where you can have a conversation with a 3D character. We will introduce the technology used in this application.

Today, we looked back at the development progress of Joggle, the fitness smartphone game that we are currently developing at our company.