In-house Products

NikoNiko (HRM Sysytem)

NikoNiko is a new attendance management system for the remote-work (Hybrid-work) era. It provides simple, location and time-independent attendance management in a SaaS. Features include easy check-in and check-out from the app, a powerful organizational database, and visibility of employees' mental health.
We are selling it for the Vietnamese market now.


NikoNiko provides the following features / NikoNikoは以下の機能を提供しています。

[Main Features]1. Dashboard2. Employee Database3. General Company Setting4. Checkin / Out (Web & Mobile)5. Push Notification6. Overtime Working Management7. Department Management 8. User Role, Layer, and Report Line Management9. Holidays, OT, & Leave Management10. Record & Visualize Employee Emotions (Vibes)

Hankyou Baizou Kun / 反響倍増くん (Rラクテック自動入力)

Collect, select, and post real estate rental property information to various media with one click, doubling the response. It is an AI-powered SaaS service developed and operated in collaboration with Re-Tech RaaS Corporation. (Patented, Patent No. 6670406)

不動産賃貸物件情報の収集、選定、各種媒体への出稿をワンクリックで実現し反響を倍増。AIを活用したSaaSサービスです。株式会社 Re-Tech RaaS と共同開発・運営しています。(特許取得済み 特許番号:特許第 6670406 号)

"Joggle" - Fitness (New Concept Metaverse Game)

Joggle is a new jogging experience that can be enjoyed using just your smartphone. Control a character running through a 3D space based on your speed and the direction of your face, and explore the open world of the metaverse. It's recommended for those who aren't good at exercising, and you can easily start a healthy lifestyle with on-the-spot jogging.



MAL Face Emotion / 顔感情認識SDK

Introducing a new UX utilizing facial expressions with the SDK
MAL FaceEmotion SDK is a Software Development Kit that analyzes and quantifies emotions from facial expressions captured by cameras on smartphones and PCs. By integrating it into your service, you can create a new user experience that leverages visualized emotions. No external network connection is required, and it operates quickly on mobile devices alone. It can also display the detected facial emotion values as real-time numerical data in graphs.


MAL FaceEmotion SDK は、 スマートフォンやPCのカメラで撮影した人物の顔表情から、 感情を解析し数値化するSDK(Software Development Kit)。
貴社のサービスに組み込むことで、 可視化された「感情」を活用できる新たなUXを実現します。