Outsourced Software Development
ab Development) / ラボ型開発

We develop web and mobile applications to fit your business needs. Our multinational team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, will join your team remotely, and are committed to delivering value to the end user and growing your service to ensure a rapid service launch and subsequent improvements.

With experience in developing systems for a wide range of industries using emerging technologies, we specialize in systems with mobile and real-time capabilities. We also have the flexibility to assist with the planning stage, operations handover, and service growth. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Introduction to our Services / ラボ型開発紹介資料

Lab Development_EN.pdf

Lab Development Introduction (English)

Lab Development_JP.pdf

ラボ型開発資料 (日本語)

Our Features / 弊社のラボ型開発の強み

Our development is centred around the growth of your product and providing value to your users. With this in mind, quality assurance and improved performance are prioritised at all times - from business analysis to product launch through requirements definition and implementation. In addition, for continued product growth post-release, we introduce a range of measures to increase efficiency whilst responding swiftly and flexibly to market needs and user feedback.


[1] Flexibility and speed
With development quality guaranteed as standard, we maintain a development structure and improvement processes that prioritise flexibility and speed, enabling maximum results at minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.

[1] 柔軟性とスピード

[2] Unconventional responsiveness and support
We are able to deal with a wide range of issues that go beyond software development, from initial conception and planning of a product, past development and release and subsequent operations and improvements and the growth of your service.

[2] 広範囲な対応力

[3] Committed to the growth of your service
Establishing a vision and development policy to provide maximum value to users and conducting development committed to the growth and expansion of the services your business offers.


Industries / 得意業種

We specialize in mobile, real-time performance and develop mobile systems for a number of industries:

・Health care (Telemedicine) / ヘルスケア (遠隔診療)
・Fintech / 金融・証券システム
・VR/AR/MR, Metaverse
Startup (from MVP) / スタートアップ向けMVP~グロースまで
/ Hyper-casual Games / ゲーム開発、ハイパーカジュアル

Achievements / 実績

#Master - VFA Achievements for translation.pdf

Over the past 13 years, we have over 400 success stories. Although many of these achievements are restricted by confidentiality agreements, here is a selection which have been published with our clients' permission.

13年で400 以上のアプリ・サービスの開発実績があります。

Vietnamese Branch Start-up / ベトナム開発拠点立ち上げ支援

We offer a low-risk, rapid start-up plan to establish a development hub for your company in Vietnam and to promote your company's services in the Vietnamese market. Why not collaborate with us to secure your successful expansion into Vietnam?


Akinori Kato - Dev Director / PMO


Own Products
/ 自社プロダクト

In addition to providing outsourced development, we are also continually releasing our own in-house products.

Our "Made in Vietnam" apps make use of the latest technologies such as AI and 3D.


in Vietnam」のプロダクトのリリースを通じて、私達のVISIONである「Delivering Happiness」を実現していきます。