We are a web & mobile app development company. We provide a rapid DevOps-based product development and improvement team committed to providing value to users. We take care of everything from planning to quick service launch, and delivering subsequent improvement and growth for your business.

バイタリフィアジアは2008年よりベトナム・ホーチミン市で活動するMobile/Webアプリ開発 (ラボ型開発 / 受託開発 / 開発拠点立ち上げ / オフショア開発)を行う日系の開発会社です。DevOps開発を基本とし、企画段階からの迅速なサービスの立ち上げ、その後の改善を、ユーザへの価値提供にコミットして行い、ビジネス成長までお付き合いします。

Company Infomation

Certification holders


Delivering Happiness Through The Internet

Providing Value to Users

Developing 10 services Attracting 100k users by 2025

We will be No.1 MUSIC

Delivering happiness through the internet from Vietnam to the world. Mobile, Unique, Software, Internet Company. We will be no.1 MUSIC. M.U.S.I.C = Mobile, Unique, Software, Internet, Company
Vision Delivering Happiness. We build high value products. A good software development team is like a pro sports team. Creating value for users is our goal. OUR GOAL Working with clients to create products used by more than 100,000 users. Kaizen focused high-speed development and continuous rapid releases. Committed to the service growth. Optimized for accelerated development while also raising quality. A team not bound by convention, but operating with a fresh perspective.

Software Development Policy / ソフトウェア開発ポリシー

We carry out software development in accordance with this software development policy.
A development team that specializes in technology, takes quality for granted, is fast and flexible, has a wide range of roles, and is committed to service growth. We provide the next dimension of development that goes beyond the existing concept of offshore outsourced development to create valuable products.


Technical Standard / 技術標準

We have conducted development and training using that combine these technologies, automation deployment, and automation testing environments as our technical standard. Please contact us for development in other environments upon request.

Vitalify Asia の技術標準です。これら環境を組み合わせた自動デプロイを標準環境として教育・開発を行っています。ご要望に応じてその他環境での開発もご相談ください。

FrontEnd TypeScript, or JavaScript with Quasar framework, and VueJS library TypeScript, or JavaScript with React.js framework
BackEnd NodeJS (TypeScript, or JavaScript) with NestJS framework PHP with Laravel framework Python Ruby with Ruby on Rails framework
Application (Mobile Apps)
TypeScript, or JavaScript with React Native framework
TypeScript, or JavaScript with Capacitor framework
Dart with Flutter framework
C# with Unity 3D/2D engine

Others − Infrastructure / Database / Tools
Code Hosting: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
Unit / E2E Testing: Jest, Cypress, Detox
CI Service: CircleCI, Travis CI, AWS Code Pipeline, Git Actions
IaC (Infrastructure as code): Docker, Terraform
Cloud Server: AWS (Amazon Web Service), Azure, GCP (Google Could Platform)
Database: Amazon RDS, MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, DynamoDB, RealmDB
Deployment: DeployGate

200% Dev Efficiency / 開発生産性200%を実現する弊社の取り組み

in the coding phase with an In-house developed kit "StartKit".
This is one of the reasons why our customers are amazed at our speed. StartKit is managed and operated by our CoE (Center of Excellence) Dept which comprehensively manages our company's technology.

お客様より弊社の開発スピードに驚かれる理由の一つがStartKitです。社内の技術を統括するCoE(Center of Excellence)部署にて運用されています。

(Check the link of our StartKit Detail)

Working Process / ワーキングプロセス

This is the working process that Vitalify Asia is most good at. With DevOps as the standard, we are continuously developing efficient and high-quality products using various collaborative tools to increase the value of our customers' businesses.

Vitalify Asia が最も得意とするワーキングプロセスです。DevOps を標準とし、お客様のビジネスの価値を高められるよう各種コラボレートツールを利用した効率的で高品質な開発を継続的に行っています。

Message from CEO

Since its founding in 2008, Vitalify Asia has been engaged in mobile-focused software development to achieve its vision of "delivering happiness through the Internet. Aiming to be a true professional group that can compete on a global scale, each engineer/PM member expands his/her role and scope of responsibility, and commits to providing value to users with a small elite team structure. That is our development policy.
Now, more than 10 years after our establishment, we are about to challenge a new phase in order to further improve the value of our engineering capabilities in Vietnam. We will create many "Made In Vietnam" products and sell them around the world. To achieve this goal, we will continue to improve our efforts on a daily basis. 

Vitalify Asia は2008年の創業から「インターネットを通じて幸せを届ける」のビジョン達成の為、モバイルを中心としたソフトウェア開発に従事してまいりました。世界に通用する真のプロフェッショナル集団を目指し、エンジニア/PMメンバーが一人ひとりの役割や責任範囲を広げ、少数精鋭のチーム体制でユーザーへの価値提供にコミットする。それが私達の開発ポリシーです。
創業から10年を超えた今、ベトナムにおけるエンジニアリング能力のさらなる価値向上の為、新たなフェーズに挑戦しようとしています。「Made In Vietnam」のプロダクトを数多く作り、世界で売る。この実現に向け、我々は日々改善を繰り返しながら取り組みを進めてまいります。 

Hi! I'm SAKURAI TAKAYUKI, Managing Director of Vitalify Asia Co., Ltd. どうも!ハゲ社長ことバイタリフィアジア代表の櫻井岳幸です。VitalifyAsiaを、そしてベトナムを、より働きやすく、大きく成長でき、私達と関わる皆が、より幸せな生活が行える場所にするべく、奮闘して参ります。

Takayuki Sakurai (Managing Director)


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