The Journey of Fitness Game Joggle So Far

Currently, our company is developing the world's first fitness mobile game, called "Joggle," which allows you to play while jogging in place.

Today, we would like to look back on the journey of Joggle so far.

The content of this article has been compiled into a video and uploaded to YouTube, so please take a look at it as well.

Version 1.0

Initially, Joggle started as a pure fitness game without any RPG elements.

In this version, the course was only a straight line, and there was no function to change the direction of the character yet.

It was a completely unknown play experience where you could move the runner in the game just by jogging in place in front of the smartphone screen.

We spent most of the development time for this version 1.0 verifying whether this was really possible.

As a result, we succeeded in detecting the player's movements reflected in the smartphone camera and running the character in the game.

Implementing Direction Changes

The next thing we tackled was the direction change of the character.

The character was no longer restricted to a set course, but could now freely run around the field.

Since we didn't have the resources to develop a vast terrain that could be called an open world yet, we used a deserted island a few kilometers square as the field.

We released a rabbit on the island for a trial, and found it more fun than expected to chase it with the character.

This led to the implementation of features in later versions where you could fight with monsters or make them your companions.

Introduction of Monsters

We decided to formally introduce the unexpected fun of playing tag with the aforementioned monsters into the game.

From the desire for a monster with a fast run and an impressive back view, a flightless bird-type monster named "Kakekocko" was born.

Next, we introduced the function to fight with monsters.

When you encounter an enemy monster on the field, the scene switches to a battle.

However, this battle system is not adopted in the latest version.

The biggest drawback was that every time you fight with a monster, the screen switches, and the continuity as jogging is lost.

To be Open World

If we kept the initial small island as the stage, you would end up running the same course every day and quickly get bored.

For this game, where you move long distances in a single play, making it open world was essential.

However, unlike typical games, in this game, you cannot frequently compare the field and the map while playing.

If you are thrown into an unfamiliar open world, you will get lost.

So, we decided to use a map that is already in the head of all players. That is, this real world Earth.

We introduced the continents and island terrains of the Earth as they are, and placed approximately 100,000 major cities in the world as they are.

However, if we use the scale of the Earth as it is, it is not easy to get to the next town.

If possible, we would like players who do not have a serious jogging habit to casually enjoy the joy of reaching the next town.

For this reason, we are using an Earth that is about 1/10th the size in this game.

Battle in an Open World

As mentioned earlier, in the initial version, the scene switched to a battle scene every time you encountered a monster.

In order to maintain the sense of running in an open world, it is necessary to fight monsters seamlessly without switching screens.

However, if the player needs to defeat each monster one by one as they appear, they won't be able to focus on jogging.

Therefore, we've adjusted the game so that your companion monsters defeat the minor enemies, and the player only has to deal with the powerful monsters.

Exercise History Record

All your running history during play is saved and can be checked in a graph.

An estimate of the calories burned is also displayed, so if you are looking for an easy dieting method that can be done indoors, please make use of it.

Future Prospects

We plan to introduce features such as captured monsters evolving and introducing more powerful and varied enemies to pursue the fun of the game.

Please look forward to the future development of Joggle!

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