Host a static website on AWS

1. Introduction

The purpose of the article is to create and host a static website on AWS while fulfilling the configuration of CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment to best security. This article showcases the ability to design a scalable, reliable, and automated web hosting infrastructure on AWS cloud.

2. Infrastructure Diagram

AWS Services: utilize various AWS services to host and deploy your website.

ACM (AWS Certificate Manager): provision and manage TLS/SSL certificates with AWS services and connected resources such as CloudFront. This certificate is no-cost when using CloudFront and it will be renewed automatically when it expires.

Route 53: register a domain or use an existing domain, and configure DNS records to point to your website by attaching to CloudFront.

CI/CD pipeline: to automate the deployment of your static website to AWS services.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very easy to host and deploy your static website to AWS with fulfilling automatic deployment and enhanced deep security, especially cost is very cheap and less effort to manage operations of the system.

You will feel comfortable if you try using it one time.

Let’s start to do it today with powerful AWS Cloud Services!!!

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