Introduce Developer Performance Monitoring System


Are you stuck in situations where the developers are not able to achieve their performance in implementing the tasks, goals and targets. Are you stuck in situations where the managers have to collect the information from project managers, project leaders and members for appraisal. Today, I would like to introduce the “Developer Performance Monitoring” system. This system will help your company resolve these situations easily and effectively in real-time. Hence, it will save cost and time in your management. We will go into detail about the following points.


“Developer Performance Monitoring” system is a system which allows managers to manage the developer’s tasks and their productivity in real-time. This information will be updated accurately and up-to-date without any paperwork and manual operations. It helps increase your company performance effectively by systemizing this information in real-time, then you can clearly understand how your staffs are doing and find the solution instantly to resolve the troubles / issues in your operations by receiving the notifications if there are any projects and staffs which are in bad situations of low productivity. Besides that, you can view productivity scores on each department, project, staff, and even company in the specific date range.

However, what is the productivity score? We will clear it now.

Productivity score is a score that measures your company productivity, your project productivity and your staff productivity. Basically, it will be calculated based on the following points.


The system will mainly focus on monitoring the developers in your company. We will have three main parts in this system including managers, project managers / project leaders and developers.

You can image the workflows as the following diagram.


Any information will be systemized automatically without paperwork and manual operations.

Information will be updated in real-time and up-to-date.

Easy to set up alarm for low productivity score.

Keep your team up to date with manager and project manager / project leader’s operations.

Easy to pretend productivity score in order to detect the issues earlier.

Customize to make it your own system, tackle issues that are relevant to you.


In conclusion, it is an easy way to manage your company’s operations easily and effectively.

You will feel comfortable when using this system and save your time to do the other tasks and focus on your business.

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