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Message from Managing Director 代表挨拶

Since its founding in 2008, Vitalify Asia has been engaged in mobile-focused software development to achieve its vision of "delivering happiness through the Internet. Aiming to be a true professional group that can compete on a global scale, each engineer/PM member expands his/her role and scope of responsibility, and commits to providing value to users with a small elite team structure. That is our development policy.
Now, more than 10 years after our establishment, we are about to challenge a new phase in order to further improve the value of our engineering capabilities in Vietnam. We will create many "Made In Vietnam" products and sell them around the world. To achieve this goal, we will continue to improve our efforts on a daily basis.
ー Takayuki Sakurai, Managing Director

Vitalify Asia は2008年の創業から「インターネットを通じて幸せを届ける」のビジョン達成の為、モバイルを中心としたソフトウェア開発に従事してまいりました。世界に通用する真のプロフェッショナル集団を目指し、エンジニア/PMメンバーが一人ひとりの役割や責任範囲を広げ、少数精鋭のチーム体制でユーザーへの価値提供にコミットする。それが私達の開発ポリシーです。
創業から10年を超えた今、ベトナムにおけるエンジニアリング能力のさらなる価値向上の為、新たなフェーズに挑戦しようとしています。「Made In Vietnam」のプロダクトを数多く作り、世界で売る。この実現に向け、我々は日々改善を繰り返しながら取り組みを進めてまいります。
ー 代表 櫻井岳幸

Vision 企業理念

Vision, value, mission and culture. We call them "VVMC". Our Vision is "Delivering Happiness Through the Internet from Vietnam to the world". This is our top vision.  This is what we would like to view in the future with Vitalify Asia. And what we would like to achieve in the future. This vision is one of our purpose for doing business here in Vietnam. That's also purpose of why I'm here.  Our business is software product development. For outsource and for our own software product development. Whether outsource or owned-product, what we aim is "delivering happiness through the internet and the software product development" from Vietnam to the world.  As our development policy, We are covering upper process to under process when developing software even outsourcing or own product. It means we start from the planning phase then do 1st release. The first release is just a beginning. Then we'll do Kaizen process. We continue to improve the services with a team which is committed to product's growth.   So our roles and responsibilities are very wide in product development. And we are doing "Made in Vietnam" product development.  We develop made in Vietnam high-quality products.  We deliver them to the world and provide happiness to the world.  To users, clients, partner, team members and ourselves. That is our vision.   Our VALUE.  What would that be?  That's very simple. Our value is "Providing value to Users" User means end users, who uses that product.  End-user is the most important.  Of course following the boss, manager, PM and clients is important too.  However. as professional of software product development, the most important thing that we should put priority first is user, somebody who uses that product. That is value for us.   And, about mission. Our mission is also very simple. It can be thought as KPI.  Our mission is "developing 10 services to attract hundred thousand users by 2025".  When you join a project, what is your mission? The answer is trying your best to expand that service and get users more. minimum number of user is  hundred thousand. That is our mission.  "Music" means is one of the strong points of our development style. M for mobile. We focus on mobile app development. U for unique. We are always excited to do something unique. S for software, I for internet and C for company.  Another meaning of music for us is that we hope all the members experience creativity like great music.  Because our job responsibility and roles are related to various genre of things. To commit to expand products, we are handling upper process to lower process such as project planning, system design, release and maintenance. And we are handling many essential systems.  so your personal creativity is very important. You can not handle them with a passive mind.  Please try to imagine users and clients' business. Who need that product?  We will achieve delivering happiness through the internet from Vietnam to the world.

Development Policy 開発ポリシー

Company Information 会社概要

Vitalify Asia Co.,Ltd.

224A-224B Dien Bien Phu Street, Vo Thi Sau ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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